Who Are We

    Pre-Paid Legal Services Pty. Ltd. is the country`s largest provider of legal service plans and was established in 1998 in Australia to introduce the concept of Pre-Paid Legal Services into the Asian region that has operated within the United States for some 50+ years and across Europe for over 100 years, where prepaid legal plans are now as common today as motor vehicle or health insurance plans.

    Pre-Paid Legal Plans provide for the prepayment of legal advice, consultation and representation combined with a discount fee-for-service benefit. They are designed to cover a large percentage of the average person's and small business's legal needs in a given year.

    Pre-Paid Legal Plans are simply a way of organising and financing the delivery of legal services, to bring those services to people in a way they are accustomed to receiving and paying for other services. The most obvious parallel is the medical benefits delivery system, which is based to a large extent, on the availability of insurance to cover the cost of service. Pre-Paid Legal plans provide access to services such as legal advice, information by phone, office consultations, preparation and review of legal documents and contracts, trial representation, property advice and settlement, negotiation and mediation services, Wills and Powers of Attorney, a 24 hour legal emergency service and much more, through a Service Provider network of long established and highly regarded independent law firms with experienced lawyers who are specialists in their areas of law carefully selected to provide such services.